• Decorated shrimps
  • Grilled meat and two dips
  • Grilled meat, spices on the side
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About us

Fogueira Gaúcha

Fogueira Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse brings the tradition of Southern Brazil to Round Rock, Texas, and its surrounding cities. It is here where our guests can embark on a personal culinary experience where the best of a churrascaria meets an abundant selection of international flavors.

Proper Attire Required: We are business casual. Thank you for not wearing tank tops, sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, CROCS, gym wear, or short shorts. Please remove hats/baseball caps when entering the building. *No outside food or drinks allowed *


20% gratuity will be added to every bill 

*Parties larger than 6 people will not be given the option to split the check*

Dinner: $59.95/guest

Salad Only: $39.95/guest

Kids under 6: Complimentary, 7-12 yrs old: $29.99

Holiday Pricing applied on Holidays

Adult Dinner: $69.95/guest

Kids' Dinner: $35.00/guest

**In order to provide you with the full dining experience, our last seating will be an hour before closing every night**


Fogueira Gaúcha is an upscale churrascaria providing unlimited meat sliced tableside by our Gauchos, this allows our guests to taste the different types along with the authentic Brazilian side dishes such as pão de queijo (cheese bread), crispy hot polenta and caramelized bananas which are served family style. Our guests can enjoy an unlimited options from the signature salad bar. Diners can choose their own portions of fresh sides, salads, charcuterie and much more.